Bitcoin Blackjack Basics

Playing casino games can be really fun. It is fun to try out games like blackjack. But it is also not fun to lose your coins only because you do not know how to play it. But worry not! Anyone can play Bitcoin casino blackjack! But first, let us review the Bitcoin blackjack basics.

Objective of the game

The first thing to know about Bitcoin blackjack basics is to know your goal. In the game, the magic number is 21. Bitcoin blackjack basics are not actually different from the rules of the classic game.

Going back to number 21, focus on this number. If the value of your cards equals to 21, then you already know that you own the game. This is if the dealer is not holding a value of 21 either. When that happens, neither the dealer nor the player wins.

Odds of getting cards that value 21 is low. You will be comparing your card value with the cards of the dealer. Whoever one of you gets the value closest to 21 (but not higher) wins when you play in a Bitcoin casino.

Bitcoin blackjack basics

Knowing the jargons of the game can take a while to master. But you will surely do as you play the game for a while in top casinos like Fun Casino. The most important thing in learning the Bitcoin blackjack basics is knowing how to count.

The value of the number cards is the same as their actual value. 4 of hearts is equal to 4, 7 of spades is equal to 7 and so on. As for the face cards, (queen, king, jack) their value is 10. One queen and one King is a total value of 20.

Ace is a fascinating card. The value of an ace card is either 11 or 1. The value of it depends on is holder’s choice. This card will basically work whichever way is beneficial to the player.

Words and terms

In Bitcoin blackjack basics, knowing the words is also important. The term “Hit” is for players to draw more cards. Players can get a Hit until they go over 21. “Stand” means that you will keep your current cards. You will also not receive any more cards.

Other terms:

  • Surrender – Giving up half of the bet without playing. This works if you determine that you will lose.
  • Split – Dividing the hand into two. If both hands win, the player gets double the amount of prize then vice versa.

Try your luck and know more about Bitcoin blackjack basics. Practice your skills in a provably fair Bitcoin casino soon.