StockBetStockBet provides social competition.  Traditional stock gambling sites, such as binary option and financial spread betting, do not.  Comparing StockBet to these is like comparing Poker to Solitaire. Poker has social competition. Solitaire does not.  Hence, Poker is more fun.

Similarly, comparing StockBet to trading on the stock market is like comparing football pools to trading your stock portfolio alone. StockBet is highly different, thus, earning itself a UK Bitcoin casino review. Players care more about winning or losing £100 in football pools than winning or losing £1,000 in their personal stock portfolios.  This is because of social competition, which the stock market lacks.  StockBet enables players to banter, debate and share a laugh.  You don’t do this when you play on traditional stock gambling sites or trade stocks.  With StockBet, you can have the same kind of fun with stocks as you do with sports pools.

Bitcoin makes it easy.  It is a hassle to deposit and withdraw on traditional gambling sites.  With Bitcoin, you no longer need to pay hefty transfer fees or wait multiple days.

With most traditional stock gambling sites, you need to deposit a minimum of £100 to £200.  With a share trading account, you need thousands of pounds and you need to pay a trading fee for each bet.  StockBet™ is bringing liberty and freedom to the world, by enabling you to bet on stocks and initial public offerings (IPOs) with as little as 0.001 Bitcoin.

More and more brands, such as Facebook, Apple and Twitter, are becoming global. Billions of users know them well. Many are bullish or bearish but cannot place bets on them, because they cannot open trading accounts or do not live in the West. Now they can.

Yahoo Finance users debate and challenge each other to bets, but they cannot carry these out anywhere.  You can now carry them out on StockBet.

You no longer need to go through painful deposits or withdrawals.  You no longer need to wait multiple days for money transfers.  You no longer need to deposit a material amount of money to play.  You no longer need to live in the West. You no longer need to be oppressed by brokerage regimes and trading fees.  With loads of best Bitcoin casinos UK nowadays, StockBet™ is liberating you. Pick a stock, make a bet, challenge your friends. StockBet™ – making the stock market fun. Click here to play!