Bitcoin Progressive Slots

Bitcoin casino slots are some of the most popular games in online casinos.  A slot machine is an iconic figure in casinos. Until now in this time and age, slots remain popular. One of the most popular branches of the classic slots is the Bitcoin progressive slots. This lets the player win big prizes and high amount of coins. Progressive slots are the top choice if the players really want to hit it big.

What exactly are Bitcoin progressive slots?

Progressive slots using bitcoins is no different from your normal progressive slots. For beginners, progressive slots have progressive jackpots as their prize. Players have a better chance of hitting it really big by playing games with progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are games that increase the value of their jackpot as it progresses. The jackpot increases every time the players put in coins or bets. What makes Bitcoin progressive slots popular is the high chances of getting a one-time big time prize.

Playing progressive jackpots back then is not that big in comparison to now. Progressive slots back then are only standalone. This means that the game only collects its jackpot from its own and not by a network of other progressive games. Today, we will seldom see standalone progressive jackpots around. In most casino Bitcoin sites today, Bitcoin progressive slots have a large network. This allows them to collect more coins to add to the jackpot. Having a large network lets them offer a huge amount of jackpots resulting to more players and more coins.

One thing that’s really great about Bitcoin progressive slots is you do not need that much to win. Traditional Bitcoin casino games only double up the amount of your bet. With progressive slots, you get a chance of getting huge prizes regardless of your bet.

Progressive slots give the highest prize among online casinos. Some records even claim that progressive jackpots are able to collect millions of dollars.  Bitcoin progressive slots are your best bet if you want to really hit it high without losing equally large amounts.

Playing with Bitcoin

Using bitcoins for online payments are highly popular today. Using Bitcoin gives convenience to the players. Long deposit processes will never be an issue. Players also do not have to worry about currency conversion fees. Bitcoin is its currency and entity. It is not owned by anyone so users are not subject to pay service fees.