Bitcoin Blackjack Bets

Blackjack is one of the well-received Bitcoin casino games in the online gambling arena. While most people think that playing blackjack with bitcoins is difficult, it is actually easy to play. The rules of the game and the various Bitcoin blackjack bets are simple enough for beginners to understand.

But since the games involve bitcoins from start to finish, players can enjoy the new currency’s payment convenience. Expect fast deposit and withdrawal processing. Payment processing is cheap. You can play anytime and anywhere. These are some of the benefits of Bitcoin casino blackjack.

Bitcoin blackjack bet choices

Placing Bitcoin blackjack bets is straightforward. When it comes to bets, there aren’t a lot of options. This means you should have no problems understanding the game right away.

The common choice of Bitcoin blackjack bets involves hit, stand, and double down. All blackjack games have these options. You can choose any of these bets once the live dealer or virtual dealer gives your cards.


Hit to request another card from the dealer. You can hit multiple times. Hit until you feel good with your hand or until you go bust. If you have an 8 and 4 for a combined hand of 12 and choose to hit again, if you get a 10 you will go bust. This is because your combined hand value exceeds 21.


Stand if you want to stick to your current hand. If you get a 10 and an 8, you don’t want to risk going bust. This option gives you the choice to stay with a hand that you’re happy with.

Double down

Double down in Bitcoin blackjack bets to hit one more time and at the same time double your wager. This is where more fun enters the room. Doubling down can be a real thrill to many players. If the dealer deals you a 4 and a 7 for a total of 11, then the odds are in your favor that the next card you get dealt will be a 10, for a total of 21.

You also can’t go bust in case you get a different card. This is usually a good opportunity to double down as you are more likely to get a card that will give you better winning chances.

These are the 3 most common Bitcoin blackjack bets you can choose to play. There are other Bitcoin blackjack basics that you can learn, which can also provide better chances of beating the dealer.