Bitcoin Craps Odds

For some people, they are curious about the Bitcoin craps odds in the game. The table has a lot of information and texts that can be hard to understand for beginners. However, those who are able to work out the different Bitcoin craps odds might actually find it easier to play it. The many different Bitcoin craps odds simply come down to the progress of it. Understanding the Bitcoin craps odds lets players know the chances of winning their bet and how much is the payout. That is what Bitcoin casino craps is all about.

Basic bets in craps

The reason a lot of players are picking Bitcoin casino craps game even in an anonymous Bitcoin casino is due to its low house edge. Players have more chances of winning more in this game than any other. The basic bet in this game is the ‘Pass line’ and ‘don’t pass’ line. Players start the game by placing their bets on these two boxes on the tables. Pass line is where players are betting for the shooter or the person who rolls the dice. If they are able to get a roll of 7 or 11, the pass line wins their bet. Should the roll become a 2, 3 or 12, the bets on the ‘don’t pass’ line wins. If the shooter rolls a different number apart from the two or three numbers which win the line bets will be considered the ‘point’.

Point rolling

There are ways of increasing Bitcoin craps odds like when you’re playing at Fun Casino. When a point is established, players can bet on different bets available on the table. These are called ‘free odds’ or ‘take odds on the point’ bets. These bets are located beyond the pass line bet. These bets usually have a higher payout than the pass/don’t pass line bets. This is due to the slim chance of an odds bet to occur. Players who are able to bet on the ‘don’t pass’ line using Bitcoin are the only ones who bet on the ‘odds’ bet. Players win this bet if the shooter is able to hit the point.

High payout field bets

On the side, there is a box called the field bets. Bitcoin players can make a wager on this even if the shooter hasn’t established a point. The field bet also contains bets for specific rolls such as a roll of snake eyes or 1, 1. The payout for this bet is 30 to 1.

Players who understand the different Bitcoin craps odds are likely to get more Bitcoins of this game.