BetMoose BetMoose is a unique gambling opportunity. It is a prediction market and betting exchange aimed at bringing players together in a social network of like-minded individuals. It is also the first betting market that is truly P2P and distributed. Anyone can create bets about anything and instead of paying commissions, you earn them by creating interesting events yourself. Topics include Bitcoin, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Economy, eSports, Stocks, and Other. That said, for players who just want to bet, the site offers a low 3% fee which is the only thing paid on the site – every other feature (including withdrawals for which BetMoose pays your miner fee) is free!

With a lot of best Bitcoin casinos UK, this site does not act like a ‘house’. Instead, everyone sees what bets are popular, and how much everyone else is betting. That way, you can join others in a heated discussion about topics relevant to you, while also seeing how much each person has staked. Once an event is resolved, you get to see the winnings, and compete based on your ROI and Accuracy within the Hall of Fame. Bets are resolved by the creator which means if you are one, you have to keep track of when your bet outcome is known. The site tries to help by sending you an email when the preset outcome time you selected is reached. BetMoose mitigates any potential cheating by the hosts by having a strong dispute system in place for bettors. This website definitely deserves to be amongst the UK Bitcoin casino reviews.

If you don’t want to be part of the buzz but still want to bet, BetMoose offers easy and anonymous Bitcoin deposits directly into bets (with instant confirmation).

Alternatively, if you want to create an account, BetMoose has developed a deeply integrated and personalized system with multiple performance tracking metrics, account history, notification center, and private and public pages showing off your placed or created bets. There are lots of security features in place also, and we recommend having a look around yourself for other social features. Click here to play!