’s Bitcoin Games Open To UK Players’s Bitcoin Games Open To UK Players

Bitcoin gamblers looking for a new Bitcoin casino UK will be pleased at the announcement by The Bitcoin site has opened a new online casino called Bitcoin Games. With a fair range of games and focus on Bitcoin as its medium of transaction, this website will be a sure crowd-pleaser to the Bitcoin crowed.

Great game experience

This Bitcoin Games site only opened its doors recently after a complete overhaul. The gaming platform is now more focused on Bitcoin and is based on Bitcoin Video Casino. The site has seven games being featured: video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and dice.

Playing these games is simple enough. Players just click on the section of the site they want to go and they are transported to the game’s page. Each game is uniquely-design, in contrast to the mass-market games found on other sites. Players will not be able to find these games anywhere else. It is also a big plus that the games all have 99-percent return rate. This means that players will be able to get back 99 percent of their bets in the long run, which is a lot better than most online casinos.

Besides being great games, each game on the site uses the cryptocurrency there. For example, the slot game has cryptocurrency-themed symbols on the reels instead of the more traditional symbols found on a normal slot machine. The card games have similar features with the Bitcoin and other crypto symbols on the Ace cards.

Uses Bitcoin to the fullest

The site’s Bitcoin use emphasizes the strengths of the cryptocurrency. First of all, all of the transactions on the platform happen on the blockchain. This allows for immediate deposits and withdrawals with no questions asked. Only Bitcoin casinos can deliver that combination of speed any personal anonymity. Most online casino can be intrusive about a player’s personal information, but Bitcoin Games will keep it safe.

The site has a few downsides, though. Regulation restrictions prevent’s new gaming service be used by US customers to its fullest. US players will have to settle for the use of play money instead of wagering bitcoins. Additionally, the site will not be offering any bonuses. It will depend on getting players by its natural 99-percent return rate, which is better than most bonuses. Finally, the site is still a bit small. For those who are used to hundreds of games, just seven can be boring.

Despite all of those problems, Bitcoin Games presents a unique and fun gaming experience for everyone, especially players looking to play Bitcoin casino games in UK.