Bitcoin Helps Shape Online Gambling In UK

Bitcoin Helps Shape Online Gambling In UK

Bitcoin gambling in the UK is just one of the trends that are hanging the local online gambling landscape. Online gambling has always been on the cutting edge of gambling technology, with new technologies constantly being developed to improve the player experience. In recent years, two new trends have popped up that should change the online gambling scene, and one of them is the Bitcoin betting UK trend.

Bitcoin gaming

The world’s first cryptocurrency appeared in 2009 and has managed to spread quickly. Though some high-street gaming brands have not adopted Bitcoin yet, a growing number of online casinos have leapt on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative to dollars and euros. Some gambling sites now exclusively accept Bitcoin for their games.

Bitcoin’s popularity is based on the several advantages that it brings to the table. It is easy to use and can be trusted to be secure. It also allows for quick transactions from all over the world. This means that UK gamblers can play at any casino the world over, while foreigners can also enjoy UK-based casinos. Bitcoin gambling also allows instant withdrawals, so players can enjoy their winnings immediately.

VR gambling

Another emerging trend is VR gambling. Virtual reality may seem like something futuristic, but the technology has already arrived. With special equipment, people can be transported into new places and experience. An excellent example of this is the VR game Get in the Saddle.

Currently being trialed by bookies in the UK, the game uses GPS trackers on real racehorses and low-budget VR tech like the £15 Google Cardboard to put gamers right in the action of horse racing. It is not the fully immersive experience of science fiction but it is still impressive.

It does not stop there. VR poker games have been trialed using the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. Much like live dealer games already available on the market, this delivers the casino experience wholesale to players. While wearing a VR headset, players can ‘walk’ around a casino and talk and interact with other players around the virtual table. They will see the other player’s computer avatar, which means nobody needs to know what they look like and that they are playing in their pajamas. Right now, these games do not let bettors play for money yet, but people can expect to VR cash games in the future.

Future technologies bring changes to any industry as what the Bitcoin gambling in UK did. As online gambling develops, players can expect more such innovations and new experiences.