BitPay Paves Way For Bitcoin Gambling In UK

BitPay just released BitPay app, a full-featured bitcoin payment and storage solution. The app is able to provide more security and convenience for Bitcoin owners as well as people purchasing their first cryptocurrency. There are a number of reasons BitPay is a notable addition to mobile payment market, including the Bitcoin gambling UK market through its partnership with NetBet.

BitPay features

The BitPay app is made for a convenient payment experience among Bitcoin owners and those who are new to cryptocurrency. The app allows vendors or merchants to receive payment for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They can receive payments from almost anywhere in the world and in nine national currencies. Merchants should not worry about receiving an excess on someone’s payment. BitPay allows for a refund of overpaid transactions without any charges. With Bitcoin as payment, merchants and their customers do not have to worry about any processing or banking fees.

The standout feature of BitPay is its “one click to pay”. The feature is easier to perform than using a mobile device to scan a QR code. Customers can check out their orders with just one click or tap. Their payments are delivered almost instantly. This payment method costs less than using credit cards for payment and is also more secure. This makes BitPay valuable for any merchant who wants to make it easier for their customers to pay for their products or services.

Built on proven technology

The BitPay app is not just made from formulated or studied Bitcoin payment process. It came from BitPay’s years of experience in offering quality Bitcoin payment. The company has been building open standards with developing new infrastructures and applications for the bitcoin network since 2011. This allows the developers to find a solution in offering a user friendly payment method without diminishing its security.

First Bitcoin payment in UKGC-licensed casinos

BitPay has also made a significant mark in online gambling history by assisting NetBet in offering deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoins. This makes NetBet the firs UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensed casino to offer Bitcoin services for online casino and sports betting. The move is expected to make an impact among Bitcoin owners within the UK. Cryptocurrency owners in the region has been waiting for a secure environment where they can spend on online casinos safely.

The BitPay app is building itself to be an effective solution for Bitcoin payment and savings for people who own this cryptocurrency as well as others who plan on purchasing their first coins. The app is currently available in the US market and may soon be expected to launch in the UK. After all, with BitPay’s integration into a UK gambling sportsbook and casino, it should not be too far when the Bitcoin payment processor opens its doors to UK customers.