How To Look For Safe Bitcoin Casinos In UK

How To Look For Safe Bitcoin Casinos In UK

Bitcoin makes gambling simple and easy. However, newcomers to Bitcoin gambling UK may find it intimidating to pick out where to play. There are several criteria that should be in mind when looking to gamble with bitcoins. Here are a few questions to ask before playing:

Are the casino’s games provably fair?

People are always suspicious that the house or casino may be cheating. Respected casinos are known not to do so, especially when it is offline. However, an unknown Bitcoin casino site online can probably get away with it. This is why provable fairness is important.  A provably fair casino will show how to check that the results of the games played are completely random. No proof should make players feel suspicious.

Where is the casino’s license?

Licenses and regulations are another way to be sure that an online casino is trustworthy. A license means that the commission issuing it can levy penalties on a casino that operates under its name. However, having a license does not mean that a casino is totally trustworthy. It also depends on a license.

For example, a license from the UK Gambling Commission carries more weight than one from the Curacao Gaming Commission. Different commissions have different reputations and a powerful one can ensure that wrongdoings are punished while weak ones are just there to provide a rubber stamp for gambling operators.

What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are what casinos call their transaction details. This includes minimum deposits and withdrawals, the accepted payment methods and currencies, and the fees for withdrawal and deposits.

Each casino has different requirements. Some of them can be generous and have low minimums, but a lot of them have withdrawal limits. Players should check out FAQ pages or their payments page for this info. Players need to be aware of the minimum balance to withdraw funds and what currencies that it accepts.

Is the casino customer-friendly?

One of the last requirements to look into is how customer-friendly the Bitcoin casino is. One component of this is the design. If a player gets confused by the website then he should probably skip it. Another thing to look at is the customer support. A well supported Bitcoin casino will have multiple support channels like live chat and e-mail. This is to ensure that if something goes wrong, it will be fixed immediately.

Keep these questions in mind when looking for UK Bitcoin casinos to play at.